Schema add to RW site

Does anyone have any experience of adding Schema to RW site?

The SEO Helper stackis probably the easiest way to add schema to a site.

Which schema items did you want to add to your site?

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Thnks pmjd

This site is made in source (except for the blog pages) rather than stacks so I cant use SEO helper.

  1. Schema- product info


Structured data as JSON-LD Markup

Add the script block below to the head section of your html:

(I had never heard of Schema until I was asked to add it)

Sorry, bit confused. WHen you say the site is made in source, do you mean the Source framework from Shakingthehabitual or do you mean something else?

Do you need the Schema for product info in the main pages or the blog pages?

Sorry yes.
Source framework from Shakingthehabitual

To be honest I don’t even know what Schema does. Just that she sent me the code and asked me to add it so that she could use Schema.

Schema is just an easier way to pre-tag information on your site for search engines to more easily find it.

Source is Stacks based, so you could use SEO helper stacks, if you wished. Alternatively you can add it to the head section as requested.

The product-info code should only be on the page with the associated product, not the global header code.

Ahhhh ~! Thanks so much. Now its making sense.
I only have one product and one product page. So I’ll add it to that page header.
Thanks so so much.

Excuse my ignorance … but she has also sent me a Google Analytics tag as well.
Do I need this alone ? Or do I need to combimne it with the regular Google Analytics code?

The Schema and Google Analytics code are completely seperate and both do different things.

Google Analytics should be site wide, so it can monitor all the pages in the site. Don’t know where your client’s site is based but do be mindful of the tracking cookie laws in their local area/country. A cookie consent option might well be needed. In some EU countries Google Analytics is essentially banned (see another thread on this forum).

Product Schema should be on the specific page it relates to. Other Schema tags also help, i.e. location, business area etc. Have a look at Joe Workman’s video fro SEO helper, it’s quite informative.

The Google Analytics code should be pasted into the page wide, Head area which you get to in RW left pane where the pages are listed, go down to CODE and then into the Head area.

Not sure what the GA Tag is exactly but it could be the code that Google sends you to prove that you own the server that Google wants to monitor. You can also put this into same Head are. Goggle will check that you have done this to verify that you are linked with the site. AFAIK once this is done, you can remove that verification code.

There is a ton of stuff to read if you Google “Schema HTML”.

There are many that will charge you a great deal to implement proper schema. It can certainly add value, but it instructs Search engines what to do with data and how to prioritise it.

A really good example is one where a restaurant business has a display of it’s opening hours on it’s home page. Schema code can be used to emphasise this “data” as being important, so that when a search engine displays the site in the search results, the opening hours are displayed prominently in the few lines allocated for the serach result. This is valuable in this case but not applicable to other cases.

Whether to use Schema will depend on the web site. It certainly isn’t a one size fits all thing that once added to a web site will improve the SEO.

Run your site through Measure page quality to check the SEO.