ScratchCard - How can I set for random win result

Hi all,

I have the fun little ScratchCard stack by @willwood Stacks4Stacks

We want to setup a small customer competition using the ScratchCard stack but want to try and achieve a random win result…the stack itself only produces one fixed result.

Any ideas on how we can setup random win result or maybe every 10th scratch might be a winner…or something to that effect.

The prize will only be small, maybe like 10% off next purchase or something along those lines.

Thanks in advance for your great ideas and suggestions.

Cheers Scott

You could hire me to modify the stack to add a PHP or Javascript function, that will let you add multiple codes as a list. Therefore one ScratchCard code is picked at random from the list and displayed behind the foil.

Or put multiple ScratchCard stacks inside SortStack, so one is picked and loaded at random:

Of course, that will not stop a user hitting the refresh button in their browser, until they get the answer they want!

If you want to prevent that happening, then you will need to take a personal identifier from the user - like their IP address or email address - store that in a database and then loop it through if / else statements to terminate the randomiser, if those details are found to already exist. But as you can read, it starts getting very complicated and risky from a GDPR compliance perspective.

The only other option I can think of would be to buy my AdvancedPublisher stack and perhaps configure it to display the ‘winning’ ScratchCard stack at a particular time of day or week:

I know quite a lot of people are using AdvancedPublisher right now, to do ‘daily deals’ on their websites, during the countdown to Christmas. The stack works terrifically well for this purpose.

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Hi Will,

Thanks for that…yes I was looking at your Sort Stack and also JW Slot Machine stack but as you said just keep refreshing until you get a winner in those situations.

AdvancedPublisher might be an option…can I ask how it would work and can we combine it with Sort stack.

So, for example if we set the “winner” to only appear on say Wednesdays and Fridays then the “sorry not a winner” will keep appearing and then on Wed’s and Fri’s the “winner” could also be served up.

My question - Can we still use Sort to serve up other results too, so when a customer scratched the card the various non-winning results would appear BUT only on Wed’s and Fri’s could the “winner” also be served up amongst the other “non-winning” Sort results?

Not sure if I’m making sense there…hopefully you get my thinking.

Cheers Scott

If I understand, then I think you might be able to nest SortStack inside AdvancedPublisher or vice-versa. I have not imposed any such limitations. Might be best to download the free demo version of both to try it.

Hi Will,

Another thought…I have your Gateway stack…very good by the way.

How would I do settings on that so that with cookies enabled the ScratchCard will only display once?

Would that work do you think?

I have been trying with Gateway to place ScratchCard inside combined with JW SlotMachine (I don’t have your Sort stack) but having issues getting it to work how I would like…display random ScratchCard only once with cookies set.

Any thoughts please?

Thanks Scott

Hmm, not sure about that.

The trouble with Gateway is that the tracking cookie only gets set when a button is clicked.

So you would have to have ScratchCard inside a Gateway. After the user has seen or interacted with it, they would have to use the ‘close’ button to continue. Using the default cookie tracking options in Gateway, it would remain hidden until the cookie expires (or gets deleted by the user).

It would be a similar setup if you wanted to use VerifyStack instead, as the page loads. Instead of doing age verification, select the option in the stack to do a ‘soft’ verification instead.

Can you show me examples of other websites or companies that are doing a similar promo? You can DM me the link if you prefer. I’ve not seen a ‘lucky dip’ done before, for an online promo.

Hi Will,

Thanks, yes was trying Gateway and the method of tracking cookie only getting set when a button is clicked won’t really work in this situation, otherwise it could have been a good method.

I’m not aware of other websites doing a similar promo with this. I got your scratchcard stack and figured it was a nice little stack for engaging customers but constantly refreshing the browser to get a winner sort of gets in the way of the idea of a random winner.

I’ll continue to look at other methods…but not sure if it possible without writing some special code…but I’m not a coder.

Thanks for your ideas and input.

Cheers Scott