Screen sharing with the technically illiterate?

I need to screen share with a client to show them how stuff works, but they are almost technically illiterate. I need a screen sharing solution that is ideally cross-platform (I’m on Mac, they are on Windies) and that is really easy for them to set up.



RemotePCSuite - I user, - 1 computer - Free. Better than TeamViewer. They did do first year unlimited computers for $6 at one point but doesn’t seem to be available ATM.

I use it to support a few people - works very well across Mac / PC / iOs etc.

I use Zoom all the time. I think the free version gives you 25 minutes of meeting time. (My workplace pays for the pro version so I have unlimited time.) Zoom is very easy to use, good use of bandwith, Mac/PC/phone/tablet.

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Team viewer is perfect. I have used it many times on the non commercial free version. It does get updated quite often and sometimes demands that both ends be updated and that is more than enough to trip up the “technically illiterate”.

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Another option for that kind of this is

You can screen share even using the likes of Google Hangouts

I’ve used screen sharing on Macs a couple times to set up emails remotely and that has worked great. The obvious problem is Windows and I wonder if Microsoft Remote Desktop might do the trick. It’s free on the App Store and clients might trust it more if it comes from Microsoft, rather than some company they’ve never heard of.

Hmm, just seen it only works on Windows Professional, Enterprise or Server. Not the basic stuff.

No, that will only work with servers.

What I always try to do if I am wth a customer who may need remote support, I will install a copy of TeamViewer just in case I need it. This has been a life save in a few situations.

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