Scribe and Drop Cap Set Up

My site has a ‘town walk’ on it and each stage is numbered. I have used Drop Cap and the setting ‘Apply to First Paragraph’ and of course that achieves the desired result for stages 1-9. For stage 10 only the first digit ‘1’ gets dropped - of course. You will have guessed what my question is going to be … can I get the drop effect for the whole number 10? I can see that introducing an apply to ‘first word’ would probably impact the whole design of the Drop Cap child stack. Best Wishes JB

This one has already been asked and I’m afraid the answer is no. I did have a play with the drop cap code at the time and it is a lot less trivial than would be expected on first inspection.

The problem is the automatic mode that drop cap uses to calculate sizes of individual characters (the drop cap) relative to the line height etc.

To do it manually using a <span> in the code and a little float CSS is not that hard once you have a font, sizing and line heights defined but I would probably argue that a better approach is to use an ordered list .

An ordered list in Scribe should make the CSS a lot easier to style the numbers as required.

Thank you Andrew for your very quick reply. I am not really familiar with CSS and want to keep things as simple as possible. A likely workaround is to ‘number’ the stages using letters … I’ll have a play!