Scribe + Borders & Shadows

Dear @tav

I have recently been acquainting myself with Scribe and learning more and more about html coding.

I note however that there appears no functionality in respect of being able to use image borders and shadows with the floating image child stack.

Is there a technical reason why this has not been included?

If not will these features become part of a future upgrade?

Marten has kindly been teaching us via his workshop sessions how css can be used to create these effects but it would be far more useful if the features were baked in.

Kind regards

Purely because it is not a popular thing to do and in over 3 years of Paragraph Pro floating images, no one ever requested it. It was thus not included in Scribe.

It is possible of course but if the majority don’t need or want it then I am reluctant. Let me explain…

Every feature adds complexity and slows down edit mode. I live in an uncomfortable middle ground between posts complaining that my stacks have too many settings or are too slow and people requesting more settings. Historically, it has been the same people responsible for both positions which is rather ironic and why I am reticent now.

I am however always open to being convinced although the CSS for this particular effect is so trivial that I question whether it is worth the overhead of a stack settings solution.


Thanks greatly for your response as always.

I kind of figured that given it was reasonably easily achieved via CSS that it was not a technical issue that prevented the features inclusion.

I am however very surprised that few people have asked for these features given that borders and shadows are an important design element within sites.

I recently noted that one stack developer has brought to market such a stack that only provides borders and shading - I can only guess that there are those amongst us that are happy to use a stack with limited functional use purely because it perhaps saves a little time learning and the ‘quick fix’ is the preferred option.

Please consider my vote at least as a positive request for the features even though I understand your comments and position.

If you are a viewer to this thread and you too would like Andrew to consider upgrading Scribe to provide these features here is your opportunity to raise your hand (well at least move your mouse a little) and click to request the features.

For my part I will of course continue to use Scribe as is and put into more practise what the Maestro Design Guru (@Marten) continues to teach us in terms of CSS and all the other wonderful stuff at his formidable Module learning sessions each Tuesday & Wednesday.

Please keep up all the good work.


There is of course a dedicated borders and shadows child stack for SectionsPro, Sections Box and BluePrint that offers the full gamut of styling plus hover effects - as used extensively by @Marten in his Duck Soup and Quantum products. There is certainly no need to complicate edit mode by having to drop everything into another borders and shadows stack when the child stack exists. In addition, you can benefit form the efficiency of using Master Styles for borders and shadows so that the CSS is applied once per page.

It is only the use of borders and shadows around inline images that I was questioning. Now that I have typed the above paragraph, why don’t I just add the ability to use a Master Style to the floating image child - problem solved.