Scribe Drop Caps in Easy CMS

Hi @tav, Im moving into Easy CMS and would like if possible to hold onto Scribes drop caps!
Is it possible? I use a different font on 2 lines

Short answer is yes, drop caps will work with CMS.

The long answer really depends on how you want to set up EasyCMS and Scribe.

If you just want to use custom drop cap positions (using the Scribe | templating character) then it will work with any EasyCMS settings that you like.

If you want to use the “all paragraphs” setting in drop caps then it will also work with any EasyCMS settings.

If you want to use the “first paragraph” setting then you will need to make sure that EasyCMS is outputting only plain text. This is because it will wrap the whole of its output in a paragraph tag which will invalidate the paragraph tag from the stack (you cannot have a paragraph within a paragraph). The browser will fix this and break it out of the containing paragraph leaving it empty. The drop cap would thus be applied to an empty paragraph.

Also on that last point, if you really want to write in markdown then you could just use ParagraphPro instead of Scribe. This has a special Text Node (CMS Compatible) setting for its tag so that it does not use a paragraph tag. This will ensure that any text coming from the CMS that is wrapped in a paragraph tag will not be broken up by the browser.

Using Paragraph Pro or Scribe really makes no difference in this case. Because you are just inserting text from the CMS then they are both essentially the same. By using EasyCMS with the Admin Text set to markdown, you have just moved the markdown processing from Stacks edit mode (in the case of Scribe) to live on the server as it is entered into EasyCMS.

The drop cap always happens as the page is rendered so it really doesn’t matter.

Remember, all the above complications only occur if you are using drop caps set to the first paragraph AND are inserting formatted text (in a <p> tag) into it.

It is worth spending some time to understand the different outputs of EasyCMS as you change its editor settings ( in the Admin Text stack).


Wow, thank you for the in-depth. I got it to work leaving the first letter in scribe, followed by the cms tag.
But will now try as you suggest.
Thanks Andrew.