Scribe's 'Readmore' to trigger other stack

I am using the ‘Read more’ feature in Scribe to hide text, unless the user wants to access it. I would like to also show/hide other features (e.g. another stack) linked to the open/closing with the Scribe buttons/links. The other stack could e.g. be @willwood’s ‘toggle’ stack, which can be externally triggered by a custom class ID.

When I use some external ‘trigger’ / button, I can assign both custom IDs from Scribe Readmore and the toggle stack, and they open/close in tandem. However, I would love to use the Scribe Readmore links/buttons to trigger the other toggle stack, but I wasn’t able to achieve this. Is there any way to provide the custom ID from the ‘toggle’ stack to the Scribe ‘Readmore’ child stack to be a trigger for the external stack ?

Pretty sure there must be a way to solve this using Popdrop. I’ll let @tav chime in

If you use a ButtonPlus2 as the external toggle set to a type of Joey/Launcher then you can have different Open and Close text and icons. This way you can directly replicate the behaviour of the built in read more link but also use it to trigger external stacks.

Here is a very simple example of the setup.


Wow, I had no idea what the ‘Joey/Launcher’ functionality is, but it works like a charm. I can add the ‘toggle’ stack e.g. between Scribe and the external button, and it perfectly unfolds … even better than what I had envisioned before.

Thank you again, you seem to always have a solution ;)

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Did you provide me with a ‘special’ Readmore child stack in your example ? There is a perfect explanation magically appearing with the ‘Toggle ID’ setting, lol ;)

A little history then :)

The Joey stack was (is) an add on for the original Foundation TopBar that allowed a mega menu drawer to be added to the existing navigation (it sat in a pouch like a baby Kangaroo hence the name) . In order to open and close this, I made ButtonPlus act as a trigger which could be placed in the TopBar extra zone. I did this as BP could already do icon only and mixed content buttons.

The two state mode for ButtonPlus therefore got called Joey mode in the settings as that is all it originally was used for.

Later when I made Paragraph Pro’s ReadMore stack, I thought it would be nice to have an external launcher and it seemed sensible to use what was already there, that got carried over to Scribe and here we are.

No - totally standard just dropped in and I set the matching read more id.

I was referring to the extended description ;)

Read more child stack in my test project …
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-29 um 17.26.23

vs. Read more child stack in your example ;)
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-29 um 17.26.57

Well isn’t that weird!

The extended notes are in the ParagraphPro read more stack and not in the Scribe stack. I put a paragraph pro read more on the page so that I could read the instructions and remind myself how it worked!

How those settings have bled over to the Scribe read more is a mystery and should not be possible. If I add a new Scribe read more to the project I don’t see them - I only see them in a P Pro read more. I will need to check that as it could be a stacks id issue that I’ve missed in the past.

No ignore my last comment - I clearly have no idea how to use the stacks I’ve written :)

The info text appears when you select an appearance of None (Use External Launcher) in the reamore settings

Didn’t want to create even more work for you … but I realise, that if I had checked the ‘Read more’ feature in PPro … I could have found the solution myself (perhaps, perhaps not).

Anyway - thanks again

as per my comment above :


Alright, I stand corrected … if I had properly looked when playing around, I could have found the solution myself, as you apparently had already thought about it way back then.

I bow in deep respect

Not at all - clearly even I don’t know how to use my own stacks so what chance to others have :)

There are examples in the ParagraphPro demo project but that is not pointed out in the Scribe docs so that is my fault as well.

Please don’t, I will get embarrassed. I don’t go in for the narcissistic stuff. I’m just glad it worked for you.