Script/code conflict: "Scroll-to" don't work

Go here: Look for the little star and 5/8 text in the main menu, on the right.

It’s setup to scroll to an anchor on the page: 2 Bed Townhouse Torrox For Holiday Lets From €40 A Night.

It works fine on all pages except the home page and the prices page, as these pages contain a script which powers the booking system and availability calendar.

I’ve tried to get them to play nicely, but failed. But I can’t work out is what is causing the scroll-to feature to break.

Any of the smart people here able to offer any help?

It works all right for me…

On the home page? That’s interesting. I’ve not done final browser testing yet, but for me it don’t work on Chrome.

What browser are you using?

Just to add my experience - it’s not working neither in Safari V15.4, nor Chrome V100.0, both on a M1 Mac. It scrolls only a tiny bit, but not to the anchor as on the other pages. Safari on the iPad: homepage works, no action (not even a small scroll) on the price page … ?! Then the confusion sets in … Chrome on iPad, no scrolling on those two pages. So I go back to Safari, now there is no more scrolling even on the home page …

LOL. Well, who wants this to be simple, eh?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see if any clever people have a solution, failing that I’ll rethink it!

Ah ok sorry, it just scrolls a little bit down to “amenities” on Firefox on a m1 pro macbook

Couldn’t figure this out at all, nor could anyone offering help, so I ended up changing how the link works.

Thanks for this help etc.