Scroll Mate 2 weirdness?

Evening @tav

Checkout the video and look at the End Percentage setting. Is this something I’ve done wrong, or a bug? This is your demo project.

EDIT: Not sure if the weirdness is showing up on the video: No matter what value I put in the end percentage setting it defaults to 100.

It’s browser height, so you can affect an element as it appears at 0% through to it disappearing at 100%. You can’t effect it prior or post it being visible

But the demo is 110.

I obviously had it set at 110 before I limited the stack to 100. As soon as you stru to change it the limits will be applied.

It is possible to have percentages less than 0 and more than 100 but I removed this option as it will only work with certain other settings and I thought people would just complain

No bother. I’m trying to do something and failing. I’ve had too much wine to make sense now so I’ll post tomorrow.

But, I’m trying to make the bit below scroll with the bit above, but the bit above starts below the bottom while the bit below starts above the top.

I often use this stack and I have no problems. it’s not easy to set sometimes.