Scrolling Icons

Does anyone know the best way to achieve the scrolling icons effect shown here below the heading: “Who We Work With”

Splider will do that and in a better way - Splider | Shaking the Habitual

The link you reference doesn’t work well on mobile IMHO because you can’t advance the images and consequently you have to just wait for the slow advancement of the hidden images. Far better to allow dragging and alow the visitor to control the slider.

Thanks for that info.

You might also consider scrolling a screen width full of icons at a time with a delay in between.
Continuous animation like that takes a lot of GPU/CPU capacity and can easily send fans into a frenzy or even slow the rest of the page rendering. That page is taking a lot of continuous power.

Thanks for your input Andrew. Do you think the Image Chain stack would have similar issues?

Thanks for your suggestionGary. Would you believe I already own that stack and never thought to use it.

Thanks I’ll take a look.