Scrollmate 2 help

I want to have an animation setup in SM2 to activate on page load, but with a delay. I’m getting stuck, as I can get it to animate when it scrolls in or out of view, but not on page load. If I set the Animate Trigger setting to “in view” it doesn’t activate until scrolling commences.

Can it be set to animate on page load?

It should work on page load if it is in view (at the top of the page).

It will appear at the animated position / condition and will return to its default position (i.e. as if ScrollMate were not used) as it leaves the view port.

If you are expecting to see it to “move” to the set position when the page loads then this won’t happen. If you think about it, if that were the case then you would see every ScrollMate element in the wrong place when it scrolled into view.