Search and Return results from a spreadsheet

A client I have is investigating some shipping options and one company she’s looking at has provided her with a spreadsheet of US postal/zip codes that correspond with a shipping zone (there are 9 shipping zones).

I’d like to have a search field for users where they can start to type their zip code and have the corresponding zone show up. I don’t want to post the actual spreadsheet though, just have this search field use the data. Not sure if that makes sense… Just a single search box, searching hidden spreadsheet data

I have G Sheet (but haven’t ever really used it). I also have Grid Iron 3. I’m thinking one of those might work but curious if there are other options I’m not considering…

Grid Iron 3 is excellent, but not sure about hiding the spreadsheet. The search is really good.

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Yeah that’s what I’m starting with. I imagine G Sheet does exact;y what I want but I find it incredibly confusing at first glance. Playing around with Grid Iron for a while and will report back…

Grid Iron 3 on this page so you can play with the search and sort.

I think it’ll work!

It feels like G Sheet is potentially the more flexible option but I’m getting close enough with Grid Iron 3 and it’s more intuitive to me.

I basically hid all the buttons/sorting options other than search, limited the table to 1 row per page, and put some default text in the spreadsheets first row and looks like it should work.

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That sounds like it should work :)