Searching for an online recurring payment system - Solved with Sitelok

Can anyone recommend a way of adding a recurring, i.e. monthly payment system, to add a pay button to a RW site that handles the process?

I had a look at the Stripe API and expected to find a a way of implementing this by pasting in their supplied html, but I couldn’t find a html solution.


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Yuzool Member stack will set up simple user management and recurring payments.

If you want the full monty, get SiteLok with their PayPal/Stripe/Coin plugins.

Joe’s SiteLok stacks ease a lot of the heavy lifting when integrating SiteLok into your project - works very well.

Just had a look at this and it looks ideal. Many thanks.

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I’ve been using for years.
Many, many integrations and payment systems.
Protecting pages, folders, phpscripts, newsletters.
Drip feeding campaigns, content. Help ticket system.

I have SiteLok working with multiple levels of “membership” on an ecommerce site using Ecwid and @Ricardo with his stacks…

Hell of a learning curve but totally worth the effort. It proves that you can now do anything in RW without massive dependence on 3rd party APIs.

Streamlined frameworks like F6 have given RapidWeaver new life in my opinion - Stacks and good Stacks developers have been the virtual defibrillators :-)

Both @Ricardo and the Vibralogix are super-helpful and open to new ideas.

When I finally get the thing live - in a few weeks - I’ll post the url in this space.


paypal has a subscription model as well

What about Yabdab’s Paysnap stack v3? The website says it supports Stripe now (next to PayPal). However, I don’t know if it supports recurring payments, I suggest you check with them.

Thanks all.

The full requirement has now become clear as this client has accepted that what’s need is much more than just a button to charge a recurring payment. They actually need a full password protected membership system that allows access to member only pages.

Geoff’s suggestion to use Sitelok is absolutely perfect, and at $39, is amazing value - so just bought it. The support and Sitelok installation documentation appears thorough and unless I have missed something, looks like you just generate the code using Sitelok generator and then paste into RW where you need it. The Source Coder will be perfect for this and I will put a small tutorial together when this is complete.

And how is the recurring payment done?

There are free PayPal and Stripe plugins that allow one off and recurring payments, all managed within Sitelok.

Sitelok, appears to be a pretty powerful system. Examples:

There is a free email plugin that will automatically send out reminder renewal emails to members.

There is even a free WebYep CMS plugin that will provide a CMS function to individuals or groups depending how you set it up. This brings in a Wordpress type of CMS into RW.

That’s very interesting. I do my client hosting billing using Stripe recurring, but it’s a nightmare to maintain now with so many of them; cards expiring, setiing them up in the first place (Stripe is piss-poor on this front), and so on.

I’d very much like to see what you come up with, or hear more about it, once it’s done. The idea of a password protected page with a selection of buttons that relate to my different hosting options, that the client then clicks and completes would be awesome*

*© Joe Workman.

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