Section's Pro Background Image CSS Directly on Page?

I need to be able to set the background image of a Sections Pro container using custom CSS on the page. The for the image has a PHP variable echoed into it and it doesn’t work in the warehoused image setting or total cms setting.

Total CMS can only replace variables and macros in HTML. Background images are CSS and so will not work.

SectionsPro has a TotalCMS macro setting in the main stack Background section. This will work as it writes the styles directly into the HTML

That’s what I thought. I was surprised when it didnt work. I’ll give it another go. :)

Check the HTML - the background image CSS (and image url) is in a style tag within the section HTML

The exception to this is if you are using the Add to page body feature (to use a blog post image) whereby the CSS is injected into the stylesheet dynamically by JS