Sections pro, Layer Backgound/video and text

Hi I am relatively new to RW and very new to stacks/foundry/foundation etc…

In RW 8.x, currently using Foundry I have added Sections Pro, within SP also added Layer Background/Video .MP4 Video in resources linked to LB/V -

I would really like to have Header/text - centred and overlaid on video as it autoplays - i have looked at options and read several items on sections Pro but cant seem to find exactly what I need to help me achieve this effect.

Looking to get this effect -

Many thanks in advance


Hi Tony. Set the height of Sections Pro, to copy your example set SP to ‘Browser height’ 100% and ‘Vertically centre content’ then add your header or text stack inside SP.

Hi Aidy,

Thanks for your reply.

Not sure if I am being totally thick, but I cant find any setting in Sections Pro stacks that will enable me to set ‘Browser height’ 100% and ‘Vertically centre content’

Scroll down

Thanks for info.

Tried the above, the header text is not overlaying on top of the video, I can position above or below video but not overlaid on top of video.

Is there some other setting or stack that creates something like a layer effect in Photoshop type effect that would enable the text/header to be overlaid onto the video?

or maybe i need a completely different stack to achieve the effect I am after?

Here ya go.

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Oh, you mentioned at the top you were using Foundry, so I used Foundry and SP in that demo. But your screenshot shows F6?

So you’ll need to replace the Foundry elements with F6 versions. The video BG and centering will work with anything.

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for preparing the demo, does exactly what I was trying to achieve.

I have both Foundation and Foundry trying to get my head round both of them, it will take some time.