Selling physical and digital downloads

I have a client who wants to sell physical and digital products from the same site and ideally through one cart. Can anyone recommend a tidy solution to this problem?

If you’re maintaining it, Rapidcart Pro.

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If not

There are some things I’m naturally deeply suspicious of. 1. Men with man buns. 2. Sites that offer a service that don’t have a great big PRICES button somewhere.

Digistore trigger both!

I’m assuming they charge? If not, then OK, fair that there is no PRICES link anywhere obvious. But if they do, they seem to making it hard to see the costs, which is suspect.


Or worse, men with hair… that’s what really triggers me.


Can’t say about buns - I do not have enough hair for that. About the prices, a quick look in the FAQ:
“Die Marge von DigiStore24 beträgt pro Verkaufstransaktion 1€ + 7,9% vom Brutto-Verkaufspreis.”

The DigiStore24 margin per sales transaction is €1 + 7.9% of the gross sales price.

In return, they are a complete fulfiller/reseller, taking care of myriads of different taxes etc. …

Many thanks for your replies. I thought it was just Trump and Brexit I had to worry about, so thanks for the heads-up about man-buns. Regarding the other question, RapidCart seems like the best solution this time around. Cheers.

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7.9% is a hefty chunk of profit to give away. If you turnover an incredibly modest £20k a year with them, that’s over £1500 in fees. Money that should be in your pocket.

You say they do a lot for the money, but IMO you’ve just swollowed the marketing. Selling stuff is not complicated, and certainly doesn’t deserve 7.9% IMO