Sentry CMS

Love the CMS design - perfect for my needs. One issue is that I am using it to edit white text and when editing it is shown over a white background in the edit box. Is there a clever way with CSS to change the background colour to make it readable?

I’ve had this I think. Can’t recall the solution, but do recall two fixes I’ve used with Senty.

The first was supplied to me Will and is some code to dd o the page, in my snippets library I have the following…

Add above to an HTML box at the bottom of the page.

I don’t think that is the fix, but worth sharing all the same.

The other thing I recall doing is putting the Sentry stack with the text stack inside it inside a CSS box with the text coloured black. Then using the CSS box change the text colour to white. I seem to recall that in edit mode the text reverts to black, but once saved the css from the css box icks in and turns it white.

I’m, pretty sure this is a solution I’ve used with Armadillo, which I think Sentry is based on, so might be worth giving it a try.

Balls, the code doesn’t appear. Try this…


Add above to an HTML box at the bottom of the page.

(I’m pretty sure this won’t do anything for your issue, but worth having I guess.)

Possibly we could try some CSS to invert the colour scheme only when you are logged-in. Might be best if you email me a sample project file and theme to look at.

If you don’t care for support for lots of older web browsers, there are some newer CSS properties / filters that allow us to contrast text automatically against a background.