SEO & Backlinks - An Idea For Consideration

Hi guys and gals

A thought came into mind regarding the issue of SEO and backlinks.

I think we all agree that relevant backlinks are a hugely powerful tool for the purposes of SEO.

Further I think we would also all agree that obtaining such backlinks can at times be very hard work.

Based on the above premise it seems to me that a great many contributors here within the RW4All forum produce sites for customers that could easily benefit from the cross-fertilisation of backlinks.

Maybe (@Marten) a section could be devoted to list live sites with a brief of business area the site is focused towards in order that other weavers could identify and reach out to the site owner to discuss the possibility of back linking.

We have very fertile ground amongst us all - should we not collectively plant some seeds and all benefit from improved SEO ?


Hi guys n gals

By way of follow-up on this thread I have recently created and uploaded (yesterday) a new product page related to scuba diving travel insurance at

Today I set about contacting prominent dive industry community members who use websites and blogs to attract their customers.

However rather than ‘sell’ the site owners on the virtues of my insurance I focused on ‘selling’ the virtues of SEO back linking off of this new product.

I explained the benefits and the mechanics behind Googles rating system ( the algorithms concept) and how valuable back linking is for relevant pages and associated content between our two sites.

Once the concept had been grasped its recognised as a ‘win win’ situation for all - at no cost!!

The first, of what I believe will be many, has gone live today.

Not only is this web site and blog effectively doing a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ for me in terms of promotion to their audience (of which I am not a part) my backlinks will help drive diver traffic to the Pattaya Technical And Cave Divers webpage at

I really do feel passionate about such initiatives and hope that our community on RW4ALL will start working together to create a simple database of the websites we build in order to identify synergies between us - it can increase web traffic, save advertising bucks and improves SEO immensely.

What is there not to like about that?


Excellent Idea.

For several years I have asked/requested Stacks developers to provide a method of creating an http/URL link for each Stack element, which could then be referenced/linked to within a site–such as blog posts, and these would generate even more links within an individual site.

To my knowledge only Joe Workman’s Accordion stack SqueezeBox has this feature built-in, as each accordion entry will self-generate it’s own URL.

This feature could easily be added to every stack by every developer. It could make RapidWeaver The SEO Champion.

Then RealMac’s ‘Built With RapidWeaver’ tag would be the most sought after claim every end user (our customers) would look for when choosing a web designer.

You can link to any stack on a page by using its ID (which you can find by using the web inspector). Your url would look something like: and this would take you directly to that particular stack.

You can also add in your own anchors - or there are various anchor stacks that can help with this. Doing it this way would give you a nicer looking url by using a name instead of the stack ID.

Thanks. Is there a tutorial for this somewhere?

To find a stack’s ID? Don’t know of one. Just right-click on whatever it is you want to link to and select ‘inspect element’. In the page that opens whatever you right-clicked on should be highlighted and somewhere above there will be the ID of the div that the element is in. It will look like <div id="stacks_in_937_page36"... It’s that bit between the double quotes that you would need to append to your url (and adding a # just before it).

Adding anchors is probably easier though. @doobox has a nice stack that does this:

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#anchors are quite common, Joe has a free pair called ‘Link and Anchor’ and Tav’s MagicGellan uses #anchors to navigate in page.

If I am reading this right it sounds suspiciously like the basis of a link farm and a quick route to page 343 in the search results.

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