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Will Joe Workman’s SEO Helper stack work in Source?


Most probably yes.

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just checked and they work fine together.

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Hejsan I am using Source and the SEOHelper stacks works just fine :-)

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Thanks everyone

Kent as someone using SEO Helper in Source I wondered if you could help me out with some questions.

I’m using SEO Helper 2 for the first time and I am not sure what goes into the following SEO Basic fields:

Title: (should this be the page name that is in the browser title?)
Image URL: (what should the image be? Could I use a jpg of the site logo?)
Description: (should this be the same as used in RW’s old page meta tags?)

Sorry if these are dumb questions

Also I notice that SEO Helper has nowhere to put keywords, are they no longer necessary?




Yes off course.

  1. Title. It is the title you want users to see in their browser window, not necessarily the filename of the webpage.
  2. You can use any image you like. It should be jpeg or png. And it need to be at least 600 by 315 pixels, and preferably 1200 by 615 pixels or higher. The aspect ratio should be 191,1:1 which is the aspect ration for Facebook. This will avoid cropping of your picture.
  3. Yes the description is the same as in Rapidweaver. It is the description search engines will show.

Keywords should be contained in the texts of your website. Also try to use keywords for pictures, page titles etc. Picture descriptions etc. It is good to give the pictures a description if the stack you are using allow that.

It is also good to name the various folder for your various pages with a keyword that is contained in those pages. Like the contact page should be named contact.html or .php in a folder called contact and so on.

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Thanks Kent that is really helpful, much appreciated. Regarding keywords would you recommend removing them completely from RW’s meta tags (which is how they were on the old site).
Thanks again,

You are most welcome :-) No there is no need to remove them

Google no longer looks at the keywords tag. It hasn’t for years. While you don’t have to remove it, you’re technically loading less in the paste if you do. To be clear, performance impact is 0.00. More importantly, and this is just me, when I inspect a site and see Keywords meta, I form an opinion that the designer lacked knowledge about what they were doing.


Thanks Bret for that information.

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