SEO ranking with links showing on page results

Can any one give me a clue as to what this is called - so I can research it please.
I was wondering how the links that show under the description appear.

They’re called “one-line sitelinks”. There’s an old article about them here

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thank you , that’s really helpful :)

Your link led me on to this article which is quite clear about it all , incase anyone else may find the subject interesting.


Great shares Leigh and Neil!!

Nice find, Leigh.

So how do we create the schema for the Google Sitelinks?


well actually im not sure , I’ve mentioned it for an addition to the JW SEO Helper, which would, of course, be the easy route. But from what I’ve read , its quite involved, with several facets to the process.
Quite interesting though and worth a crack

well here are my one line site links and I have done precisely sweet FA regarding SEO in the past 3 years since the site was published in this form. Sit back and relax :)


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