Serialnumber Stacks Plugin


i changed/baught a new computer.
Now, Gallery 3 is asking for the serilanumber. where do i find this number?
i use it since months for my website and now i can not ad any picture

Thank you for help


A question for @Jannis

Are you sure it’s G3 asking for it? Can you do a screen shot?

I use G3 loads, and have never been asked for one, I don’t even think you need one!

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I bet you mean the stacks plugin itself.

Gallery Stack 3 has no serial number.

i mean this window. please see the screenshot.

What makes you think that Gallery is asking for a Serial number?

At the top it says Register Stacks, then Buy Stacks for $59.95 and there is an additional place to enter a serial number.

If this isn’t obvious, then you need to enter your Stacks Serial Number provided by Yourhead when you bought the RapidWeaver Plugin called Stacks.


The clue is in the popup… Buy Stacks!


You can lookup your serial number on yourheads website:


Thank you Fuellemann,

this link was very good and they sent me the serialnumber for my stacks 3 version.
Now they want me to upgrade. In the moment, i don’t want an upgrade.
it looks to me, it will not run without an upgrade.

Just click on not yet, then restart RapidWeaver.

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You must have downloaded Stacks 4. If you don’t want to upgrade yet, then you should be using Stacks 3, instead. That way it won’t nag you to upgrade. If you want to see if you like Stacks 4, then you can continue to use the trial by clicking the Not Yet button.

If you want to go back to Stacks 3, you’ll need to delete the Stacks 4 add-on from your RW Add-ons folder and reinstall Stacks 3. You can download Stacks 3 from Yourhead’s website. Use your Stacks 3 serial number and you should be all set.


Thank you all together,
This was realy a fast, friendly and good help for me !

I’m happy again.
Everything works with Stacks 3


Also Gallery Stack 3 ?


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yes, also Gallery Stack 3

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