Shaking the Habitual Summer sale [ENDS SOON!]

Wimbledon is quite possibly my favourite time of the sporting year and so to celebrate we have a promotion running right through until the last match has been played (14th July).

  • Get 30% off any individual stack with the code NEWBALLSPLEASE
  • Get 10% off our stack bundle with the code GAMESETMATCH (and remember our stack bundle comes with a coupon code that will get you 50% off all future stacks!)

View our stacks here

Enjoy the tennis!


p.s. If you have got a ‘hawk eye’ (or any level of eyesight at all really) when you visit our site you will also get a sneak peek at what’s coming up next !!



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Can’t wait for what’s coming up.

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Wow, Stripped looks interesting! Congrats.


Thanks @Webdeersign. Hopefully won’t be too much longer before it’s ready to go!!

And thanks @mitchellm. Stripped was really built to scratch my own itch but I think it might well appeal to a wider audience. (And long time no see / hear!)


Since posting this I’ve had a lot of great feedback and quite a few questions about Stripped (now ‘Source’ actually!!). As such, I thought i’d resurrect my old (Poster!) blog and post an article about the rationale behind it.


Poster Stack looks great in Source 😀

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Couldn’t agree more 😉

Source sounds great. One question: why do you have a markdown and a paragraph stack? Wouldn’t it be better to write everything in markdown so why using -and when - the paragraph stack?

Thanks for the great work!


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Thanks @Fuellemann.

A couple of reasons for having both stacks. Firstly I don’t think everyone is a fan of (or even familiar with) Markdown quite yet. And also, if you are just wanting to put a simple paragraph on the page then the Paragraph stack is a better choice. There’s less settings in the stack and less code behind it (as the Markdown stack needs to be able to custom style numerous different types of elements - paragraphs, headers, lists etc).


Have you got a rough idea of release, or is it very dependent on how beta testing goes?

It is pretty much ready to go. It’s really more the support materials / videos / project files etc that I need to get into shape.

Hoping it will be out in a couple of weeks.


Thanks :-)


Finals weekend at Wimbledon is here. As soon as the play finishes tomorrow our sale will end. Next sale not until Black Friday so don’t miss out!

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