Shaking The Habitual's Scroller Plus Stack — A Rob Beattie Review

Scroller Plus Stack

Shaking The Habitual

This utility stack displays a visual indicator that tells visitors how far through a particular page they’ve scrolled, making it useful for those occasions when you have a lot of content - perhaps a position paper, a lengthy blog entry, and academic document and so on.

Scroller Plus Stack can either sit at the top or the bottom of the page and by default shows a progress bar that moves horizontally across the page; there are five different bar styles to choose from and each can be assigned a viewed and unviewed colour.

In addition, you can add content to your Scroller Plus stack - perhaps a logo or call to action - messages to tell visitors how much of the page is left to read - and there’s the ability to add a counter to show how much they’ve viewed as a percentage. All useful stuff.

Scroller Plus Stack plays better with some themes than with others - that’s not a criticism of the stack, just the reality of the way different theme authors have created their themes, but we found it worked much more often than not, and while it’s not a stack that we’re likely to use regularly, it does offer a neat, highly visual progress indicator for the occasional long page.

Suggested price: £5.00