Shaking The Habitual's Turner Stack — A Rob Beattie Review

Turner Stack

Shaking The Habitual

This utility is designed for those occasions when - no matter how hard you’ve tried - your content doesn’t work as well as you’d like when viewed on a mobile device.

This usually happens when visitors are looking at a page in portrait mode, when you’d rather they saw it in landscape. Of course, you should always try and design pages that look good in both, but there are occasions when it’s not possible, and this stack will at least nudge your visitors in the right direction so they can get the best experience.

Turner helps by allowing you to display a ‘Please rotate your device’ message when a page is viewed at a particular window height/width or a particular device height/width. Visitors can then change the orientation of their device or simply dismiss the message and carry on as before.

Turner won’t be required very often, but should you need it, this is quick, inexpensive and elegant way to help your visitors get the best out of a website by viewing it as you intended. And for a fiver, it’ll pay for itself if you only ever use it on one page.

Suggest price: £5.00