Shift focus from Uikit Search stack

Got a problem with a new build, I think it’s to do with focus on the Search stack.

Dev site:

On Android (Not tested iPhone yet), if upon page load you click either the Treatments, Find Us or Contact buttons directly below the search box, instead of the dropdown (PopDrop) connected to the button opening focus shifts to the search box.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 09.06.43

I think this is because the search box automatically takes the focus on load when it’s on the page. I’m thinking this because if you first click anywhere else on the page, ie. remove focus from the search stack it doesn’t happen, so I think the fix is to remove this focus.


@Lucas any ideas on this?

I would replace it with the Navbar search:

Morning. Not an option. I’ve found this issues causing problems on two other site now. Really need a way to remove the focus from it. If poss.