Looking for stack to build a shopfinder.
How would you guys do something like that?

Can you expand on your requirements?

Well, it could be somekind of filter, maybe.
You should be able to enter a postalcode, or citiename to find the nearest shop in your area.

How many shops, and do you want it based on a map or list of shops?

I would guess:
30 to 50 shops.
On a map would be great - in a list is cool, too.

You could do something along the lines of what I’ve done here:

It’s using @Jannis Poster 2, due soon. You won’t get map integration (yet) though.

If you are determined to do this with stacks, that’s about the only way I can think of to do it.

Personally though, while Poster, and the forthcoming Poster 2 is pretty brilliant, I’d look to use a dedicated solution, built for exactly this task, and then integrate this into my RW page.

You will need to use a database, you will need to be able to access your server via FPT, you will need to be able to follow some simple instructions to set up the store locator script and you most likely will need to have a Google Maps API. But really, all that is super simple and should be skills in everyone’s toolbox, so if any of that scares you, now is the time to learn.

My go-to for such things initially is PHPJabbers. They have a store locator script, although I’ve never used it:

I use a lot of scripts from PHPjabbers, on almost all sites nowadays. I find that while their stuff might not be the most up to date, and can sometimes be a bit clunky, it’s the most reliable I’ve found and their support is excellent.

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Thanks, Steve.
I’ll have a look.
Have a great weekend.


Might want to take a look at my EasyDB:

If you have any questions, please email me directly.


Can you elaborate how to build named shop with easy db?

Locator from Stacks4stacks would seem to be what you are after

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