Shout out for FAQ stack

I was looking for a stack to hide a lot of page content - a complete tour program that needed to be on the page, but represented too much clutter. Stuart kindly suggested his FAQ stack - genius. It works to perfection!

Thank you @habitualshaker

In action: Wild Photographer - African holidays - Full Itinerary for Uganda 2021 towards the bottom of the page. So simple. So effective!

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Lovely site.

My only suggestion would be to make that Full Itinerary for Uganda 2021 more obvious that it is a button to click and reveal. Maybe use a FAQ Toggle hover effect or a Click here to view Full Itinerary for Uganda 2021 title.

Thanks @Nick

looks great. I’d recommend splitting out each day into it’s own FAQ item. When there is too much content in a single FAQ then you can end up having to scroll content as the stack has a max-height value built into it (i may add a stack setting that allows this to be adjusted but I’d still recommend breaking it up a bit)

Really helpful @Webdeersign and @habitualshaker and thanks for the kind words. Some of the styles will be familiar from Stuart’s academy, as it took me a while to get to grips with some of the grids.
I’m tweaking it behind the scenes, and about to play with ‘Animate stack’ for the mailing list, so I’ll have another look in a few minutes.

You can also increase the SEO of the FAQ content by using Markdown and building an SEO attractive structure in the Faq.

E.g. You currently have the title Full Itinerary for Uganda 2021 set as H4.

I would suggest making this H2, and then using Markdown instead of paragraph text, use the Faq Item Strong text and change to H3 headers throught the Faq content.

I think the idea is brilliant and I have started to implement the scheme, but TBH it is a PITA to read and I suspect it may put off casual browsers. I’m currently trying to work out how to break it up into more manageable chunks

It should look exactly the same to readers who will be unaware what is a H2 or H3 header. Visially it will be identical but Google enjoy reading it.

Sorry, crossed wires Gary. Yes the headline is set to H2 and works fine thanks. I really liked the idea of breaking the text up for the FAQ stacks as there was far too much for a page.The SEO idea is masterful (and not forgotten).
FAQ stack worked beautifully, but it was getting tricky to then divide text sensibly. 1 per day, ie 10 FAQs were hard to read, so I have ended up creating a ‘click the image to download a pdf’ that customers can print too. If the Stuart has time to modify the length restriction on the FAQ at some point I will rethink this implementation. Its a brilliant stack for so many things. I have finally got ‘Animate’ working on the Mailing list list sign up form too.