Shout out for Stacks for StacksApp

A big thank you for Scott from for a very responsive support and excellent customer service :-)



More stuff here to make the word count!

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Just had a look on the link, ArchiveIt looks very interesting, have had some problems making a backup in Filezilla and Cyberduck of some Webyep posts, not a problem with Webyep, that works brilliantly and is fantastic, it is when I download to back up content via FTP some of the files are missing with permissions errors server side, this is an FTP, SFTP and permissions issue on the server. I thought wouldn’t it be easier if I could just zip server side and download. It’s one of those things I could sit down and figure out, but ArchiveIt looks like it will save the hassle of going in and backing up using the file structure and ftp client, something my customer can do themselves also. Does anybody know if ArchiveIt works with the customer or myself logging in to a page or visiting a web page and choosing download? I’m guessing that’s how works but just want to be sure as I may have to get this.

Yes, just use a protected page (with Joes “Page Safe” stack or Jannis’ “UserAccess” stack), place the ArchiveIt stack on it and configure the stack. Then a backup (and restore) is only one click away… :-)


Great, thanks for the info, I also have Page Safe so I think ArchiveIt is something to purchase, very handy.

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Hej Yes thank you to Scott for updating Stackscal for us Europeans that are using 24 hours. And I finally understood how to use the Event URL functions 😂. Very nifty indeed.

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