Sign this - Do not prorogue Parliament

If you are in the UK, YOU know what to do.


Done :)

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“Parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate” unless of course it has already been prorogued. The madness continues.

You do indeed.

If you really care, if you really want to make a difference, go outside, find a protest gathering, gather and protest. Block roads, stop traffic, make a noise, and so on.

Or sign an online petition, cus ya, they change things. Not.

Sorry, but these petitions or pointless. It’s yet another tool put there by the government to make you think you have a choice, bit like elections. The last one about brexit got over 6m votes, in parliament it got a three word response from the PM, then business moved on.

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As a teenager I went on the London anti poll tax march, anti nazi march, anti scrapping of state funded college fees march, anti criminal justice bill march and an anti something else in North London about a proposed road trashing a forest but I can’t remember the specifics. Good fun, crazy after parties and the occasionall hairy runs ins with Old Bill. None of it changed shit. The government carried on regardless.

There are a lot of pro rogues selling stacks and no one petitions against them. They just keep encouraging them with money.


Not always so.

For example, I maintain a White List, a Gray List and a Black List for all or most RW add-on developers. My White List contains only 6 developers. They are the ones who get my money.

Incidentally, my Black List also contains 6 names. They will never again get my money.

My Gray List is the most extensive one…


and I would expect no less a rigorous approach from you Rob :)