Sit/stand desk and "Wobble" stool?

I had a shift around of the office over the weekend and needed bigger desk, so went to Ikea (and walked around the wrong way: REBEL!).

I ended up spending way more than planned on a “sit/stand” desk. Never even heard of them before but as someone with lower back issues and tall (six foot three), I’ve always needed desks that are a bit higher than the norm.

Anyway, it’s now installed and pretty cool. I can stand, sit on a stool or use the old chair, all at the touch of a button. Anyone else using one?

I’m now looking at these wobble stools: in the gym I’m a big user of balance balls (I can actually stand on one, albeit often with painful results!). These wobble stools seem a good idea, so again, anyone using one?


Seems pretty on brand for you as you can now be literally and figuratively off your rocker.

I haven’t tried one but my cubicle mate at work has a sit/stand desk that I tried out the other week and I loved it. I get major ‘hunch’ issues during the course of a day

Like it. :-)

As for the desk, love it. I thought I’d be less productive standing but it’s not at all the case. You kinda forget you’re standing.

I have worked out though that watching porn is best done sitting down though.


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I worked with both for nearly ten years in Switzerland. The desk is a great way to relieve back strain, as is the wobble stool (which I still have).
I used the wobble stool in a near standing position and swapped it for this when sitting: