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Checking metadata via a third party tool (nibbler) and it flagged no page descriptions. Puzzled, I checked site code and sure enough, page descriptions were in place and SiteMap plus is set to ‘Include descriptions in HTML sitemap’.

Then a RW health check flagged no page descriptions…now I never put descriptions in the sidebar metadata as it doubles up the description in site code. I have now copied & pasted the description to homepage metadata tab, but I have left the description for ‘About’ in SiteMap plus only and sure enough, there is the only 1 description in the code

What am I doing wrong? or right?

Also your meta tags are incorrectly located in the <body> ...</body> and they should be in the <head> area.

I can see that a PRIORITY is being set, and as far as I know, RW doesn’t do this, so I suspect Sitemap is at fault here.

So something very strange appears to be going on. As a test you could temporarily remove Sitemap and republish and see what change that makes.

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Thanks for your thoughts Gary, I too had questions about sitemap - checking as suggested now.

Interesting - most of my older sites are Foundation and the metadata is all in head. is my only Source site and metadata is outside the head tags, whether I use built-in SEO or SiteMap plus

So to update here: Gary’s advice was excellent (as always), all metadata is now published by RW and everything is working perfectly again. The problem did lie with SiteMap, possibly something to do with my other recent issues with RW 8.7 stability as well.

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