Slick web site created with the first Framework for RapidWeaver

Here is a really well designed and presented website that was created by the very first framework available for RapidWeaver. With all of the talk about really cool new micro footprint, fast frameworks, it’s good to be reminded of how powerful this innovative framework was, and how it set the scene and made RapidWeaver a serious tool.


Fair play. I built a couple of sites with the original, non-responsive version of this ‘framework’ and one with the responsive one. None of them are anywhere near as good as that.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for the kind and positive comments about the FreeStack Responsive theme and its stacks. The site is one of my top 5 all time favorite FreeStack Responsive theme sites too!

One fun fact to note about the FreeStack and FreeStack Responsive themes are that neither blank stacks theme used a “Framework” like all the stacks themes do now. It relied solely on the Stacks plugin built-in functionality to create and build a site layout design with.

Anyway, thanks again for the mention. Much appreciated.



I could never understand what the FreeStack responsive theme and stacks were exactly, from reading the original site. Looking at the Tinrocket site know with hindsight, I can see that it had some cool stuff in there such as hero BG images with centred large text, transparent menus and useful width and height control that at the time were not available elsewhere.