SmartList2 Stack upgrade


I just released a new version of the SmartList Stack: the SmartList2 Stack. It is a complete rewrite that adds some neat new features: the stack now supports many more ordered list styles, has better support for right to left languages, has an easier to understand interface and it is an all-in-one stack now…

The SmartList2 Stack makes it possible to create (almost) any ordered or unordered list you can think of effortlessly. The stack is loaded with options, making it really versatile. Choose your own markers, colors, sizes and much more for all or individual markers, start ordered lists at a set number, increase the numbers with a set increment, number in less common languages, and much more. Even reordering list items is a breeze.

If you are like me and find making lists in RapidWeaver a frustrating job, this stack is for you!

For more information, visit the SmartList2 product page or the demo pages for this stack to see it in action.

Those who bought version 1 of this stack in 2019 should already have received an email with a link to a free copy of version 2.

If you own version 1, but bought it before January 1, 2019: update your stacks and look in the info pane of the SmartListWrapper version 1.1.3 for instructions how to obtain a 50% discount on version 2.

As a rw4all forum member, you can get a 25% discount on this new stack. Just visit the product page, use the add to cart button (not the buy now with PayPal button!) to add the EasyButtons Stack to your cart and enter the discount code SL25OFF in the designated field (this offer expires June 16, 2019, 00:00:00 GMT -7 MST/PDT).