Snap-scroll question

Client request to have snap-scrolling to page sections - rather like Mouser and MagicGellan behaviour but on mouse movement.
The Tesla site was given as an example:
It seems pretty straighforward with a few lines of css ( but I can’t get it to work on this beta site page:
Am I flogging a dead horse or missing an obvious answer?

If you want to do it with simple CSS then browser support is still very limited on all but the basic scroll snap property:

For compatibility, at present you still need to do it via scroll jacking JS, as Screens does.

There is also the ever present overflow problem - it is only really viable for sites with almost no content if you are going to get it to fit on small screens.

Thanks tav. It’s just tinsel and I’m grateful for the link to show how little it’s supported. Just the ammo I needed.