Sneak peek at a forthcoming free project for Source

Over the holidays I’ve been rebuilding my UIkitter site to include projects for lots of frameworks, and I’ve changed the name too to (think I posted about it earlier!).

Anyway, today I’ve been working on my first full Source project, and in keeping with Stuart’s approach of making the basic Source stacks free, I’m making this one a free project.

I’ve a way to go with it yet but figured I’d give those interested a sneaky look. As with most of the stuff I do, I’ve focused on functionality over glitz, and for this project I’ve aiming for a fairly retro feel.

I will also make a version of the project using the free and addon stacks (only £20), so as to encourage you to buy them :-)


This is a great way for RW users to jump into the new world and move away from themes. IMHO there is no better way to understand how to build a web site than to go through a pre built project to understand how to build a web site. Source makes this easy because it is cleverly crafted with only a handful of stacks that you need to understand.