SOLVED: Help with Cookie manager

FIXED: For some unknown reason, RW decided to change the extension for some pages (not all) from .php to .html. It seems to be a completely random thing with no pattern as to why some got changed and others didn’t. Once I changed everything back to php and removed the old pages from the server, it’s all working again.

Hmm… if you’ve had stacks on that php page requiring php, and removed all those stacks, RW will change back to html again.

Yes, that would be it.

It would appear that removing certain stacks requiring php did turn the page from php to html, and adding them back changed it back to php. But, from what I can tell Cookie manager didn’t effect any automatic change, which is weird (I think).

Forcing the page’s extension to php is a feature the stack has to incorporate. If you notice a stack that requires php – but i doesn’t force the page extension just let the developer know. It’s a one-line change to fix that one. :-)


That’ll be it then, guessing Cookie Manager doesn’t force php.

It all just confused the feck out of me, with RW changing the extension back to html when I removed the stack that was forcing the change.

The whole php/html thing really needs sorting out once and for all. I used to think changing the setting to always php was global, for RW, not project specific. It took me some time to work out I had to change it for each project, initially I just thought the feature was broken!

RW needs to have the ability select php or html as a master setting. I get that years back, before stacks got more complicated, defaulting to html was ok, but nowadays it just doesn’t make sense. The only times I publish an html page is when I’ve forgotten to change the extension to php!

There are some configurations within CookieManager, whereby a PHP extension is NOT required.

For example, setting, modifying or deleting cookies is all done via client side Javascript. We do not need any PHP for this task.

And so for this reason, I took the executive decision not to force a change of the page extension to PHP. You only need a PHP extension if conditionally hiding or showing content. The instructions already make this clear.

I only forcefully change extensions in a stack if I really have to.

Fair enough. I did wonder if CM absolutely needed php. Clearly not.

Anyway, ultimately my first comment was right, the issue was down to me being thick, so all good now.