SOLVED: Image upload and manipulation script?

I am also in. Also would pay for an install script and instructions… ;-)

Oh yea, totally clear and obvious to me now. Can’t believe I didn’t realise how easy it was before!

(Can you smell the sarcasm?)

I will repeat the thing I most often say to you: Your brain is weird, it understands lots of weird shit that normal people can’t. Mine on the other-hand is normal. (ish).

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Those are “snippets/scripts” that you could paste into an HTML stack.

So is the question really not about wanting scripts but wanting a stack building then?

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Not really, but then I guess it depends on what you (and I) mean by “scripts”.

I mean something like the stuff that the likes of PHP Jabbers makes, that I buy, then install on my server, that gives a nice interface that the client uses to upload images, etc.

I’m not meaning a bit of code that can be added to a webpage made in RW. I’m not seeing something like what I want to be having anything to do with RW, other than using the G3 stack to pull in and display the manipulated images.

What you want to do not that involved - why not just get some poor sod on Fiverr to do it for next to nothing. That would be the most economical way I would think unless there are any really skint stacks developers :)

Is there any other kind?

Getting someone on fivver to do it is fine, until they hit puberty and discover girls/boys, then when I get a problem with the script they are nowhere to be seen.

I’d sooner something established, with a user base, that has already done the beta testing.

Sound like Total CMS would fit the bill nicely. You don’t need to use all of the other features. Just use it for images.

Does it support image upload, auto resizing to max dimensions, auto file quality adjustment to max file size and saving to a specified folder?

Yes. Although you don’t get to choose which folder.

Not gonna work then. Thanks anyway.

If you can elaborate on what you are trying to achieve with the folder location, I may be able to help you out.

For TCMS to be cost effective for me to use for this I’d need to be able to install once instance (one licence) of it on a site and setup a client area for each client. They would need to be able to log in and upload images to a pre-defined set of folders, the contents of which would then be displayed in their site using Gallery 3. The client would also need to have the ability to remove images from their gallery folders. They won’t be allowed to either create or remove folders.

Adding an instance to each client site and so adding the cost of a licence to each client for TCMS wouldn’t be cost effective for just image management.

Easy CMS has the same features for images. It’s a buy once model. Could work out fore your budget.


I’ve had a scan of the docs and the demo, but can’t see anything about image upload and manipulation, folders etc. Can you point me to either demo or docs?

How about Repository from @Jannis?

Repo is what we use now, it and G3 are a great pairing, but the reality is no matter how much you try to educate users, some will upload images directly from their iphone to a gallery, then send me emails saying the gallery page, to which they’ve just uploaded ten 8mg images, takes forever to load.

So, the hunt for something like Repo that also manipulates the image, to reduce it to below a max-width, or max dimension and max kb size, is (was) on.

But after a PM from a dev I have my solution. I’m not sure I should say too much, as I’m not sure if the dev wants this info out in the public domain, so I’ll say no more, just thank everyone for their input above,.

Sigh… I thought forums were a possibility to share knowledge. Not to gather and then hide it.
If I have to pay for the solution, I will. But first I would need to know how it is working.


A dev contacted me, asked exactly what I want, then worked out he could add it to one of his stacks. So said give him week or so he’ll get on to it.

I’m not going to say anything more as it’s not my place to do so. When the dev has done what he wants to do, it’ll be up to him to announce it, not for me to do so beforehand.

This isn’t “gather and hide”, it’s being respectful to the dev.


Thank you. Understood.