SOLVED: Problem appears to be Outlook 2016. Email Stack (JW) Issue... Potentially URGENT for users

After a stupid amount of testing this morning I’m seeing a repeatable issue.

Create project, add wrapper with 600px BP, add image, add spacer, test in Outlook 2016: The page width is huge.

From what I can tell any spacer stacks added to a project with images seems to cause this issue.

Anyone else?

I’m not on the WS forum now, if others see this can someone post there, this is potentially a big problem and needs fixed asap.


Doesn’t Joe have a new Robb replacement to report this stuff to?

Also, I don’t think that Joe has posted on here so I would assume that he just hasn’t signed up he’s so busy.

Have you been banned form WS too? Probably better to report what may be a bug to Joe via email.

Not banned, just closed my account.

First thing first, is anyone else getting this issue?

I’m still testing and failing to get to the bottom of this, so I’m wondering if this is an Outlook 2016 issue.

OK, incredibly, after far too many hours of testing, this appears to be an issue with Outlook 2016, NOT Email.

On Outlook 2007 and in Win10 email everything is 100% perfect, but Outlook 2016 is totally messed up in terms of layout, and the issues don’t appear to be consistent.

Doing some Googling and there are reams of pages about it, with seemingly experienced people bringing up the issue only to be shouted down by stupid people explaining that email clients renders html completely differently to browsers. Which of course those of us who do this shit know, but it seems we also now know that 2016 is a bit fecked.

What a lovely way to waste 5 hours.

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How about the important version of Outlook in Office 365?

Give me an address and I’ll happily send you a copy ;-)

I’m not paying a subscription just to test in one client. I’m all for testing, but I’m not willing to get sucked into a constant payout to do so.

Win10 mail renders as expected.

The issue I hear that Outlook now uses Word as the rendering issue, so it’s even worse than it used to be. Even mS seem to advise clicking “view in browser” for html email in Outlook.

Office 365 Outlook is used far more that the standalone versions of Office which Outlook 2016 is part of. You have to really jump through some Microsoft hoops to even find out how to buy a stand alone version of Office these days.

As far as I know, he is not going to be getting a new Robb replacement, but I could be wrong. If this is an issue with Email, best way is to create a ticket by sending in an email to and he will get it.

I expect Joe has been searching high and low, yet can’t find anyone of your calibre Robb. You will be missed.

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Nope, not Email. I did post and update the title as such.

The problem was Outlook 2016. After running a manual update it was fixed.

@zeebe Good to see you here, Robb :-)

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Won’t see a lot of me, busy substitute teaching and working on getting my full teaching license back. Almost done with that part of it, just one more class to take!!! Thanks though @Jannis!

Figured as much, just also giving others on this forum a way to contact Joe if they need to. Glad it is working!

Good grief I hope teaching goes well for you! Worst years of my life.

I can only presume that you were teaching a subject that you couldn’t identify with?
I taught graphic applications for 15 years and loved (almost) every minute of it!

Nope, teaching many subjects I could identify with. That was the problem.

Depends on your audience I suppose. Perhaps you don’t live in a loser town like me :-)

55555 (the Thai word for “five” is ‘Ha’)

But as far as I know, I never lived in a loser town since I left Birmingham 40 years ago…


@rob’s a Brummie!
You can always tell a brummie … but ya can’t tell’um much :)