Solving “The Dangler” Conundrum

This is an interesting and thought provoking article about how we might solve a layout issue in the future.

The browser suport is not there yet but it’s a good example of how we might apply new stuff in the future.

It also introduces the concept of the The Dangler


Thanks for that - look forward to it being adopted!

On a similar topic, this article on CSS implicit grid and placement is interesting. Took me a couple of reads to get my head around it but it’s a very neat solution to grids with an unknown number of elements.

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Thanks. Excellent read and certainly a lot to absorb in there.

Brilliant, Gary — saved! And this is why we’re moving into the most exciting period for the web, where things that weren’t possible before suddenly become tantalizing possibilities. In this case, dynamic layouts that can configure themselves in elegant ways as new material is added.

I’m on my third read now. Turns out that thinking you understand something and then trying to implement it are not the same.

But just imagine what will be possible — we’ll be able to publish from Poster and the logic of the page will sort out all the layout issues.

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