Something for the weekend - developing web sites on an iPad

Yesterday, Norm at Blocs released a facinating video of the first live demo of the iPad version of Blocs.

Is this the future of web development? I think for many it will be, and will spawn a new generation of web builders that experience building a web site on an iPad.

The UI is so good it looks better than the Mac version IMHO. It also marks the begining of the live public testing.

Blocs Website Builder for iPad- Live Demo


I haven’t watched the video, and fair dues to Norm for doing this, and as you say I suspect it’ll be a huge market. But personally, I can’t understand why anyone would want to build a website on an ipad.

But then, other than watching media, I can’t understand why anyone would use an iPad for anything. So my views on this don’t much count!

For me… I’ll stick to my three 27in monitors. :-)


Watched this yesterday and it’s clear to see a lot of thought has gone in to the UI and layout, looks really good. Norm did say that some of the UI, where it made sense, would be getting transferred to Blocs Mac app.

A lot of nice additional features, between the Solis like preview, built in publishing etc.

But the use of the Apple pencil to quickly make items on the page was really unexpected and a definite wow factor.


Hey thanks for sharing this! It’s taken years to refine and figure out the UI/UX for the smaller iPad screen, so it’s great to read that you think it’s actually superior to the Mac UI.



I can see a big market for a good iPad web builder for the educational market. Surely for anyone teaching elementary web design this would be perfect. Time to start thinking about an educational discount maybe.

Apple will probably go nuts for this too and I think this really takes the iPad into a new direction.


Ooh. Can’t wait to try this. I bought my first iPad last week and it’s been a revelation! Bearing in mind I normally work on an ultra wide 5k2k monitor, and my iPad is a mini, I can’t believe how much I enjoy using it. The Apple Pencil is great. I’m doing all my admin on it, sculpting in Nomad (how can that be only £12!!!) and painting in procreate.
Now I get to play with Blocs on it too. What a time to be alive! 🙂

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I left RW a few months ago for Blocs. Super excited to get my hands on the iPad version. A lot of good stuff going on in the Blocs universe.

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