Sort of calendar app?

Hi all,

Not really general web design but thought the hive mind might be able to help.

I’m looking for something that will allow me to display a full 12 months in two rows of six boxes on a Mac screen. Each box represents a month and in that month I’ll be typing in dates and notes about those dates. So it’s almost like a pinboard with a sticky note representing each month of the year.

Don’t need any calendaring features as such, it’s more about the layout and being able to see all 12 months at one time. A bit like an old-fashioned year planner in a way.

Any steers welcome.


I don’t know if there’s anything that will do exactly what you want. I have BusyCal and it does have a year view that consists of seeing 12 months in 3 rows of 4 boxes.

… but since it is a calendar app you do need to create “events”. That’s easy enough. And you can add notes as you want to those events. Events can start at a specific time or be “all day” (which is probably what you’d want). You can also add “to dos”. I don’t know if they offer a trial version, but it might be worth exploring if it fits your needs.

Using the Quick Event feature it should be pretty easy to move between event (or notes) and year view.

Thanks, but you’re correct - it’s not quite what I’m after. I think it’s more like a pinboard of sticky notes arranged so I can see all 12 months, the entries in each month, together with a few notes associated with those months.

I’ll keep looking!


So its not as simple as a 2 by 6 column layout your after, cos that could be built out with Sections, or Grids and the content added by you?

Reading your post again, this is not something to do with RW, but some other app?

Precisely. I was looking for app suggestions, rather than a way to build it in RW.