Sortable gallery made with native UIkit stacks

Evening, just thought I’d share this one; I’ve put together a sortable gallery using only native UIkit stacks. I needed a sortable gallery for a new client project starting next week and figured I’d have to buy yet another gallery stack, but then realised it was possible with some UIkit stacks, It was actually really simple to do in the end using the Filter and Lightroom stacks. Example…

The page is a bit slow to load as I’ve not optimised the images yet and the thumbnails are the same full-size images just squished down. I’ll sort that at some point.

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Looks good. Only thing I’d say is that users would likely expect the lightbox images to be filtered too as when you navigate through it you get all images.

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Hi, the filtered images appear first, with the rest afterwards. You make a good point though, but I’m not sure the ability to only show the filtered images in the lightbox exists. I tried for that, but didn’t work it out. But I’ll continue.

Maybe even disabling navigation would work better then - if that’s an option in the lightbox stack?

It actually is, so that only the clicked image opens in the lightbox. You then close it and move to the next. That was how I originally configured it but then decided I wanted to be able to scroll thru the filtered images too.

It’s a trade-off I guess: I do think the user needs to be able to scroll thru all selected images, but do agree, in a perfect world they will only scroll thru the filtered ones. And as I type that I think I might have worked out how to do that! Back soon :-)

EDIT: Didn’t work. Gonna tag @Lucas on this one, see if he has any ideas.

I’ll take a look and let you know asap, as I’m taking a weekend off 😀

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