Source and EasyCMS image macros

Is it possible to use the Source image Fit stack with Easy CMS?
I want to control the viewing port in a grid of images, so whatever size image I upload they will all show at the same size.
Perhaps this is already possible with Easy CMS, but I didn’t figure it out.
I don’t want to be editing each image to upload to be the same dimensions.

Hi @Anugyan - Not familiar with Easy CMS but would think you could add the macro to the warehouse link of any Source image stack. That’s assuming the macro simply provides the url to the image.

An URL isn’t possible. This is a macro example. %cmsImage(event-image1)%
But BWD SectionPro has a background option that works and gives the option to size th view port rather than the image which is what I needed.

It is best practice to do this using a bulk resizing and optimising App before uploading to your site.

Sections Pro uses a background image and so has to work with the macro in a different way. The Image Fit stack works as a regular image and so the macro/url should work just fine. Does adding that macro as the url not work?

Hi Webdeersign, the images will change periodically, so each I would resize individually.
I had a situation where images were 10px different in height and this showed on the page. So I wanted to be able to upload images larger than the viewport. EasyCMS resizes the images aspect ration, so a square image loses width if I reduce the height.

Thank you Stuart, didn’t think to use the warehouse link box as its not an URL.
Fantastic, problem solved.

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