Source and Splider updates

Hi All -

I know quite a lot of folk here use Source and/or Splider so just to let you know that there are now updates available for each of these.

(Amongst other new features) the updates add a new child stack into Splider (if you have Source installed) that lets you tap into the Source colours to style your sliders. This is a great time saver and also means that the colours are automatically updated if you change your colour scheme. You can also copy and paste this child stack between Splider stacks if you want to use the same stylings in multiple sliders.

You can check out a new Source / Splider demo here.

And more information (and discounts) is available in the latest blog post.



Hi, thanks for the update!

Is it possible to customize the splider navigation arrows… to have a thinner navigation arrow ?

hi @Anon

no - not currently but i’ll add in an option for that with the next update.

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Good update. Terrific to be able to access Source styling in Splider.

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