Source blog

Hi all -

I’ve made a start on pulling together a blog for Source.

The blog has / will feature announcements, tutorials, some general web design things and much more!

I’ve added a few posts to get started and have a few more ready to go soon.

Hope you enjoy!

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What happened to the original thread??

I binned it. Was going off on tangents.

I thought I had locked this one but obviously not 🤣

No worries, was following the last one…will move on with you on this one - love the blog - absolutely great idea - well done. I always struggle to find my way round your knowledgebase (well - plough through it to be honest - SO MUCH INFORMATION!!)
Loving your work and information…
Thank you

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Can anybody suggest a good RSS app for a Mac. Of course a good free one would be nice but don’t mind paying if I have to. Thank you.

Great work Stuart

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NetNewsWire is free And open source, just installed it on my iPad…all ok so far

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Thank you Jannis and Piggles. Got both installed without any problems.

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