"Source" button custom style problem

Hi everyone, I saw a small problem in the “Source” button, basically putting:

mode: single button
style custom

the colors remain on the GHOST style and “fill” “border” “hover” “text” “hov. bdr” are not applied.

I also wanted to ask, it is my curiosity, I have a form in Poster2 which he searches in the blog poster-stack

can I use a source button as a (submit) button of the form?
Thank you.

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If you click “overide style” then you should get various styling option.

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Unfortunately this is not the case

If you bring the button below the Base stack it should work as expected.

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Perfect thanks

is this possible?

Are you adding that code yourself? If so then you could add some css classes to style that input to be the same as a Source button. i.e. adding class="s-button-primary source-btn mb-0" in amongst the code for the button should make it pick up the styling of the default (accent/primary) Source button. To make it pick up the secondary styling you would change the s-button-primary bit to s-button-second.

Good to know, had the same issue.

So as general advice the base stack should always go first, aside from the skip links stack?

Perfect, thanks again

Yep - should always be at the top. The Skip Links stack can actually go anywhere on the page.