Source Button Text responsive

Hi all source users and/or experts,
I have a source button with a long text inside which should go to two lines on a certain breakpoint.
How can I do this?Any css or other “trick” is welcome.
Thanks in advance,

Is generally not advisable to have a lot of text in buttons but I will look to see if I can make this better in Source.

Whenever I need to do something beyond what the Source Button stack can do I turn to BWD’s Button Plus. Am sure that would work for your needs here too.

Thanks a lot Stuart,
I know that buttons aren’t the best solutions for long text. I could also make a text and link it but I want to have the button behaviour - like changing colour on hover/click etc.
I have Tav’s Button Plus - will check it out.
Thank you, great and quick response – as always.

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@Capetom You could always insert an line break such as < b r > (without the spaces of course)

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That won’t actually work with the Source button as the styling for it is pretty rigid. I will take a look at this in a future update. I’ll also make it easier for third-party stacks to pick up the Source colours via classes for buttons without also picking up some of the styling constraints.

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