Source course: Lawyer project

Hi all,

I have something a little bit different for you…

I’ve put together not only a rather nice new Source project file (#1 Lawyer) but I have created a whole course around how to build this very page. The course includes a lot of information about each section of the page and also has video walkthroughs to demonstrate the step-by-step rebuilding of the page.

This is a limited release for now (only here on the RW4ALL forum) as I would be keen to hear your feedback before releasing wider. If you are interested then it is available for an introductory price of £10 (or equivalent), which gets you the project file and access to the accompanying course.

Note: You only need the free set of Source stacks to be able to follow along - although the addon stacks are recommended ;)

Find out more information below:

Note: If you do purchase the course please check your spam / junk mail folder if you do not get the email to register on the ‘RapidWeaver academy’.

More courses are planned - not only for Source but for some wider RW aspects too. And suggestions welcome :)


Hi, is it one long video or multiple videos. Can I download the video(s) or online viewing only?

It’s multiple videos - think there are about 12 or so. They probably are downloadable - I haven’t locked them down in any way.

Hi @habitualshaker

I just want to applaud the extremely professional course you have put together regarding the ‘Lawyer’ project- very well done extend 👏

The videos are simple yet detailed and succinct - you also master the speed of speech.

It is immediately obvious that you have given great thought to this course presentation particularly the document information - it is exceptional.

I have learnt much from this course and can identify the many advantages of Source which were not immediately obvious over competing platforms prior to downloading the course.

I for one am looking forward to additional informational / educational videos from you.

Keep them coming Stuart - I’m in ‘sponge’ mode.



What a great review. Thanks a lot @paul.rowe!!

I’ll be putting some more together soon. Probably a more advanced one next that brings in the use of Grid Plus.

Really glad that this kind of approach appeals. Thanks again.


I went through the course and I was not expecting such a polished, well put together, comprehensive and high calibre course. Stuart has set a new high level of RapidWeaver courses and a new level of support. For anyone using or thinking of using Source, and that should be everyone, you will learn a lot and be up and running quickly.


Thanks a lot Gary! Appreciate that.

Also worth noting - I’ll be releasing the course more widely on Saturday. At that point i will be raising the price so if you want it for this low RW4ALL introductory price then you still have a little bit of time!!

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I bought the course but haven’t received any link to the project file? Do we get that seperately?
Have signed on to the Academy…

@Piggles You get a download link for the project file on the last chapter of the course.

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Thank you…am working through the course as we speak!!

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Good news. Thanks @Piggles. Let me know how you find it!

Just bought it. Mainly on the grounds that you’ve put together a great product very cheaply. I got the extra stacks at a bargain price and now the course. Thanks.

Slightly off on a tangent, is there a reason folk aren’t putting stuff on Udemy? Is Rapidweaver too niche?

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Thanks Barry. Appreciate the purchase. The price will go up when I release it properly tomorrow. Not quite sure where to set it yet.

I like Udemy. I have bought a ton of courses on it. I would have been happy putting my course(s) on it but wanted a bit more control over how everything worked.

Thanks for the reply Stuart. If you get a moment, would you mind elaborating a bit further, in a pm if necessary? I’m interested in looking at putting a course (language based as opposed to technology) and just wondered if Udemy was worth the effort?

I’m half way through the course, and it is absolutely brilliant.
Well done!


Thanks a lot @tgr. Great to hear. Hope the next half is as good ;)

I’m registered as an instructor on Udemy but i’ve never actually built a course on it so cannot really offer any advice / feedback i’m afraid.

Thank you Stuart , I’ve learnt more in the last hour than I learnt over the whole of last weekend.
The problem with teaching your self, is that the more the struggle, the more likely you are to revert back to how you’ve always done things. Small chunk learning like your course is the way forward. Producing lots of mini videos relating to each section, just works. Going back to assumption that everyone is total beginner makes it more relevant, and very easy to understand.
This course has made Source a usable system and removed that very real frustration, that comes with relearning how to use RW.
No matter how good a system may be , if it’s just too hard to use or understand , it will be shelved very quickly. That’s a big issue that I feel several stacks forget. The more of these you produce, will directly infleuence your take up rates I’m sure. Then you can start charging and make some money for all your hard work !!.

a quick question in your vid on the 3 grids, the boarder box has a custom setting so you can put on the top boarder only. Im using source 1.0.6 ( on your vid I think you’re using 1.0 ) and it didn’t appear to have this setting choice just thin medium thick, did I miss an upgrade ?

Good stuff. Great to hear that people are genuinely learning things from this approach. Definitely want to be showcasing what Source can do and that is much more accessible via videos like these than anything else I think.

I think I was using 1.0.7 (or 8) so yes - definitely missing an update. Nothing showing up in the Stacks updater?

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Hi Stuart yes , 1.0.8 is . I didnt see the 1.0.7 though , hence the confusion.
Got a little redirect home page to sort out this weekend so hitting it with Source :) Actually quite enjoying it ,now I understand bit more about what I’m using :) I was abit lost with it before to be honest.

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