Source demo — Something for the week, or two?

Here’s another Source Grid and Splider demo, inspired by Weavium’s ‘Unlimitab’, this time in two versions:

1 | rentals

This is a double zipped-and-linked Splider again, this time with the controlling Splider styled as a menu bar. Both are configured in ‘carousel’ mode to loop around.

2 | rentals navigation

This is the same thing, but this time the menu is a Source button-bar driving the Splider below. The second Splider is identical to that in the first demo, but in this case I’ve changed ‘carousel’ mode to ‘fade’. In this form it effectively makes what we know as a tabbed panel (and note that now each tab has its own URL).

What I’m really loving about working in Source with CSS Grid and stacks like Splider, Poster, Limelight, which allow for integration with other elements, is that (forgive this old-skool analogy) it has turned RW/Stacks/frameworks from being Lego into Meccano. That is, we’re not longer confined to arranging pre-built components in float/flexbox layouts, but we can connect components together to build things that work in precise configurations. That feels like a step-change to me. And it’s fun to do.


Absolutely. Source and stacks like Splider, Poster, Limelight is all you really need.


Wouaw, it really impresses me :-)

Beautiful work @jamessouttar this looks very clean.

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