Source Framework

Hugely impressed at witnessing the soon to be released new lightweight, blazingly fast framework from Shakingthehabitual today at @Marten online session.

This is a framework that has numerous features and benefits in addition to its speed that I already identify as being something of a game changer.

Can’t wait for the full release.

Thanks for taking the time to share your insights @habitualshaker

Kind Regards


Thanks a lot @paul.rowe! Really appreciate that. I do think Source does offer something a bit different so glad to hear that others can see what it is trying to achieve too!

Been meaning to get along to one of Marten’s sessions for ages so was good to finally do so and to meet you all. I’ll be back!!

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Source is going to take RW to a new level of performance and layout creation, when it is released. Everyone who uses RW and Stacks should check it out when it’s released.

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Been anticipating this release for a while now.
This is something I’ve been wanting for a long time, RW and stacks is great, but as I said this morning whilst watching an explanation of Source, I wanted speed, a simple menu, vertical centres !! at last, plus the ability to use by favourite stacks.

Good luck with Source - This one should take RW by storm.

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Thanks a lot @sa3305 and @Webdeersign.

Just going to post a couple of links in case anyone doesn’t know what we are talking about:

Just really need to get the support / demo projects sorted and a few tutorial videos done and then we should be good to go. Hoping in the next couple of weeks!


a few weeks :(
Unfortunately can’t make these sessions but really looking forward to seeing this released, it sounds great


It’s difficult not to get excited about Source.

In terms of speed, it sets a new standard in RapidWeaver. And in the not too distant future, all RapidWeaver frameworks are going to be judged by this new standard. UIKit already comes a very close and commendable second — given that it’s much more of a framework than Source — but all the others are light years behind.


Thanks a lot @Marten. And thanks for inviting me along. Really enjoyed that.

I have to say I really do like the look of UIKit. If I was in the market for a(nother) full framework at the minute it is definitely the one i would be turning to. I do hear great things about it.

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Really appreciate the preview of this framework Stuart. Im really looking forward to using it. Especially the Grid Plus stack.

And its speed… wow… it previewed fast!!

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Just watched Grid Plus intro video - I can see that possibilities are endless (note to self - stop salivating)

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Can’t find the link for this. Can you share, please? Thanks.

Same here.
There is a download for free button on the website but it’s not working

@Capetom - apologies for the confusion. It is not available yet - this is clear from our main stacks page but not clear on the product page (I will add a note to this page when I get a chance).

In fact worth noting too that the stacks grid on the page linked to above was also made with Grid Plus :)

@rob.beattie - if it is the link to the video that you are meaning then you can see it below. This demos just one approach (setting a column’s min-width) to building a grid using the Grid Plus stack. Examples of other approaches to some of the grid layouts that are possible are here. And some more visual examples here.

(note the video refers to ‘Stripped’ - which was the work-in-progress name of Source!)

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